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 Post Treatment Instructions

What you should know following treatment

Following Root Canal Therapy or Root Canal Retreatment:

You may experience mild to moderate discomfort. This is normal and can last for 7-10 days. Over the counter medications such as Advil, Tylenol or Aspirin will usually control your discomfort. If your symptoms are more severe, please contact us.

  • If a temporary filling has been placed in your tooth or crown, please be aware is not as strong as your tooth and could become dislodged if you chew hard crunchy foods or gum. Avoid using this tooth until your treatment is completed or a permanent restoration has been placed.

  • Please fill any prescriptions and take them as directed. Pain medication is optional and should be used as needed. Antibiotics must be taken as directed until gone.
    If you have any difficulties taking any prescribed medications please contact the office.

  • It is very important to keep any follow up appointments. Long delays in completing your treatment or having it restored could result in pain, infection and even the eventual loss of your tooth.

Following Surgical Endodontics (Apicoectomy):

  • Try to limit physical activity on the day of your surgery. Going home after procedure is ideal.

  • Do not lift or pull up on lip. This may tend to loosen the sutures.

  • Mild discomfort should be expected. Have all prescriptions filled and take as directed.

  • Slight bleeding during the first day is normal. Increased bleeding should be reported to the office.

  • Some swelling and discoloration may be expected and should gradually disappear. To minimize swelling, apply an ice bag over the surgical area as soon as possible. Apply and remove at 20 minute intervals for the first four to six hours.

  • Do not rinse or spit for the remainder of the day. Starting tomorrow, gently rinse mouth with warm salt water, especially after each meal and at bedtime. Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt in a full glass of warm water. Continue until sutures have been removed or as instructed.

  • Brush and floss your teeth to keep your mouth as clean as possible, BUT not on or near the surgical area.

  • Maintain a soft nutritious diet. Crusty hard foods should be avoided. Do not chew or bite on or near the surgical area.

  • Keep your post-operative appointment to have the sutures removed or to have healing assessed.

  • Should you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact this office.