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 Latest Technology

Digital Radiographs

Digital Xray

The use of digital radiographs have reduced the exposure to xrays by 80-90 percent.
The images are instantly viewed on a computer screen with remarkable definition.





Surgical MicroscopeSurgical Microscope

In our office, we use a Zeiss Surgical Microscope. It provides enhanced visualization of the endodontic access or surgical area up to 25 times. This is especially beneficial for accurate visualization of complex anatomy cases, for locating root fractures or defects, for root-end surgery, for removal of separated instruments, and for locating canals.

Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments

Nickel Titanium has the unique features of flexibility and shape memory. The instruments are used to clean and shape the inside of the canal. Previous stainless steel instruments had the tendency to break and could not take a curve to follow the shape of the canal, so it was difficult to clean the canal successfully. Nickel Titanium is 500 times more flexible, so even canals that are sharply curved can be thoroughly cleaned and shaped. Using these instruments routinely, allow us not only to be more effective, but also to work faster and more quietly.

Electric Handpieces

New electric handpieces are virtually silent. This significantly reduces the anxiety of our patients. These handpieces are designed to be used exclusively with nickel titanium rotary instruments.

Electronic Apex Locators

It is important for the success of root canal therapy to clean and fill to the very end of the root, without extending beyond or being short. The electronic apex locator aids in measuring the length of the canal by determining accurate position of the apical constriction through a resistance force.